For Mother’s Day, I’m serving these super cute Bacon, Egg, and Toast Cups. I first saw these tasty cups in Martha Stewart’s Living magazine a few years back and they never get old! Tasty, Easy and Cute! To accompany these tasty breakfast cupcakes, you gotta have something sweet for Mom and these “yummy in your tummy” Nutella Croissants are perfect. Delicious, chocolatey, hazelnut-y, perfection-in-a-jar Nutella and somehow I had half a jar sitting in the pantry, which is all you need for this recipe.

Or you can always serve breakfast in bed which is a time-honored tradition on Mom’s designated day of rest and relaxation. What could be better than sleeping in a little late and having breakfast served to you by your favorite people? These cute tasty recipes are winners for this special day!