National security adviser Jake Sullivan said Sunday that China should be pressured to “take significant, substantial action“ in reducing emissions and fight climate change.

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,“ Sullivan said of China: “They should not able to hide behind any kind of claim that they’re a developing nation, to step up to their responsibility. And their responsibility under the Paris climate accord is to take significant, substantial action to reduce emissions on a defined time frame in the near-term.“

John Kerry, the former secretary of State who is President Joe Biden’s climate envoy, is due in Beijing to attempt to revive U.S.-China climate negotiations.

CNN host Jake Tapper noted that the United States is facing a number of weather-related crises at the moment, including intense heat waves and major flooding, which have been attributed to climate change. Those seeking to combat climate change have focused on China and India, as developing nations whose policy decisions will be crucial in coming years.

“The world, I do believe, should step up and encourage, indeed, pressure China to take far more dramatic action to reduce emissions,“ Sullivan told Tapper.

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