Tulsa Card 5×5
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The Day They Bombed The Promised Land

An examination of the race riots in Tulsa, Oklahoma that rocked the wealthiest Black community in America, known as “Black Wall Stre...
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Ambassadors of Hoops

Covers the history of American achievement in professional basketball leagues around the world over the last 40+ years. It also high...
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The Lessons Of Hayti

The Lessons of Hayti” examines the unique history of Black self-sufficiency and political power in the United States from it’s origi...
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The Triple Nickels

At the height of World War II, and at a time of complete segregation in the military, sixteen young Black enlisted men won the silve...
Pocahontas Is_Card
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The Enduring Saga of Pocahontas Island

The forgotten story of Pocahontas Island, named after the legendary American Indian princess, is said to be the first African-Americ...
A matter of life Card
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A Matter Of Life

The story of the global protest movement inspired by the African American community in the US which was caused by the response to po...
Church St Card
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Church Street

During the days of segregation, Black Americans where forced to cluster in sections of southern cities, known as “Colored Town.” Chu...
Rainbow On Green_Card
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Rainbow On The Green

The Story of Black Golf”- In the world of professional golf, a small number of African Americans ventured into the early days of the...
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Builders Of The Alaskan Highway

In an amazingly short eight month span, under the harshest weather conditions, 3,600 Black army troops persevered to accomplish an i...
Blk Wheels_Card
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Black Wheels

History of Blacks in Auto Racing – African-Americans in motor sports from the 1920’s to the present. Black Wheels highlights t...
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Blind Tom

The Last Legal Slave in America” – Born in 1849, Thomas Greene Bethune was the son of field slaves, and over the course of a 5...