Exclusive: Parents of Awaab Ishak speak out after two-year-old son died due to untreated mould in social housing flat

The father of Awaab Ishak, the two-year-old who died because of mould in a social housing flat, has pleaded with tenants to “waste no time” in complaining and to simply “get out” if they find themselves exposed to similar problems.

Speaking in his first national newspaper interview since Awaab died, aged two, in December 2020 as a result of untreated mould in their one-bedroom social housing flat in Rochdale, Faisal Abdullah, 31, also called on the government to introduce strict deadlines for landlords to tackle mould in the private rented sector as well as in social housing – an extension of the so-called Awaab’s law, which is due to come into effect for social housing.

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