Megan Thee Stallion didn’t appear in court for day one of Tory Lanez‘s sentencing. But the rap superstar still made her voice heard when D.A. Kathy Ta read a letter from her in open court.

Legal Affairs Reporter Meghann Cuniff summarized Megan Pete’s statement on a re-cap video after the judge extended the ruling into Tuesday (Aug. 8). Megan reportedly clarified that her absence in court was “her preserving her own mental health.”

The Associated Press reports that Megan said she could not bring herself “to be in a room with Tory again.” 

Megan Thee Stallion Wants Tory Lanez’s Sentencing To Send A Message For Victims Of Violence

The Houston artist also reiterated her previously spoken statement that she “hasn’t had a moment of peace since the shooting happened.” She said Tory Lanez has lied “to any and everyone who will listen,” per Cuniff.

“Slowly but surely, I’m healing and coming back, but I will never be the same,” Megan said in her written statement, per AP.

In her statement, she requests that Tory’s sentencing send a message on behalf of all women who are victims of violence. Megan Thee Stallion said, “Mercy is reserved for those who show remorse.”

Prosecutors argued similar takes in a memorandum submitted to Judge Herriford in June. They requested 13 years in prison, citing Tory Lanez’s alleged lack of remorse and accountability.

They also accused the rapper of running a “campaign of misinformation to re-traumatize the victim,” including allegedly greenlighting his fans to harass Meg.

On Monday, Judge Herriford ruled to consider Meg’s vulnerability as a victim as an aggravating factor in Tory’s sentencing. But he denied Lanez committed the shooting with a “high level of callousness.”

Megan has not publicly commented–outside of her written court statement–on yesterday’s proceedings or her letter.

After extending the ruling, Judge Herriford is expected to rule on what Tory Lanez’s punishment will be on Tuesday (Aug. 8).

Yesterday (Aug. 8), the judge revealed Tory Lanez had received approximately 76 letters of support, per legal affairs reporter Meghann Cuniff. That includes one from Iggy Azalea, who asked that the ruling be “transformative and not life-destroying.”

She reacted to the allegedly unexpected letter reveal with a statement. She claimed she is not in contact with Tory and hasn’t been “for months.” However, the pop rapper wished him “well.”

She said the letter–expected to become a public record–reflects her “genuine experience and the type of punishment” she thinks he “deserves.”

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Meanwhile, Tory’s attorneys have requested he receive probation and treatment at a residential substance abuse program. Though they cited alcohol abuse as a contributing factor to Tory’s decision-making, Judge Herriford shot back, per Cuniff.

“Also: Judge Herriford said while the shooting obviously involved alcohol, there is no evidence of Lanez being an alcoholic, including in the 76 letters submitted for Lanez. The doctor reports are entirely based on Lanez’s own statements,” Cuniff posted in a re-cap X thread. “Herriford also asked where the nexus is between the crime and Lanez’s alcohol-use disorder if he’s still denying shooting Megan.”

The judge reportedly told Lanez’s attorney, “Your client at no time indicates he actually shot the victim.” 


Herriford also asked where the nexus is between the crime and Lanez’s alcohol-use disorder if he’s still denying shooting Megan.
“Your client at no time indicates he actually shot the victim,” Herriford said told Baez.

— Meghann Cuniff (@meghanncuniff) August 8, 2023

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