Weary of the day-to-day slog of being home secretary, perhaps Suella would enjoy living in a tent

Everything just felt wrong. All the joy had been sucked out of Suella Braverman’s life. The early mornings at home used to be a time when she connected with her family. A time when she and her husband laughed with the kids as they fought over the toast (no woke granola for her). Now it all just felt like a chore. A daily treadmill of counting down the minutes until everyone was out of her hair.

Suella also used to enjoy the morning ride into the Home Office in the ministerial limo. That sense of importance she got when the driver said “Good morning, home secretary”. That half hour to herself when she could update herself on various WhatsApp chats as the car raced through several red lights. Rishi’s latest desperate ideas to make himself electable – that had always been a laugh. Now, not so much.

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