World Health Organization ‘extremely worried’ for health workers and patients. Plus, rare stamp sells for record-setting $2m

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Good morning.

Israeli troops entered al-Shifa hospital in Gaza early this morning, conducting what it called a “precise and ‘targeted operation’ against Hamas in a specified area” of the medical complex.

What has the Israeli military said about the operation? “IDF forces are operating at this time in a targeted manner at Shifa hospital,” the Israel Defense Forces spokesperson, Daniel Hagari, said. “The activity takes place in a defined complex for which there is intelligence information indicating terrorist activity by the terrorist organisation Hamas and in accordance with an operational need.”

Is the White House going to call for a ceasefire? No, but the Biden administration is increasingly seeking ways to restrain the Israeli military in an effort to slow the civilian toll and limit the risk of a wider conflict, while it faces a rising level of internal dissent over its Middle East policy.

What did the statement say? “The United States and China recognise that the climate crisis has increasingly affected countries around the world,” the statement said. “They will work together … to rise up to one of the greatest challenges of our time for present and future generations of humankind.”

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