No-entry signs are up around the beautiful Taymouth estate as a US developer plans to build luxury homes

At one time, locals and those visiting the village of Kenmore on the north-eastern banks of Loch Tay, Perthshire, were able to take a leisurely walk through the woodlands of the 180-hectare Taymouth estate, enjoying local wildlife, Victorian landscaping and views of imposing 19th-century Taymouth Castle. Today, in high summer and peak tourist season, would-be walkers are instead met with “path closed” signs and security warnings, while the castle – clad in scaffolding – is only visible from the roadside en route to nearby Aberfeldy.

According to campaigners, this, alongside the recent closure of local amenities such as a post office, hotel and boat hire company, is symptomatic of the “strangling” of Kenmore by developers who have bought up much of the village. Now an online campaign, Protect Loch Tay, aims to put a stop to plans by the US firm Discovery Land Company (DLC) to build a 320-hectare gated community on the Taymouth estate and neighbouring Glenlyon estate.

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