Organizers of protest outside DNC headquarters to demand ceasefire condemn ‘violent police response’

US Capitol police clash with protesters demanding ceasefire from Israel in Gaza

Joe Biden issues strident defence of refusal to call for ceasefire in Gaza

Pictures and videos posted online of yesterday’s ceasefire protests showed Capitol police scattering candles, which were originally laid out to mourn the 11,000 Palestinians killed by Israeli strikes.

“This is a reflection of what our gov thinks of Palestinians. 11,000 candles representing the Palestinian lives murdered by Israel with US funding. The cops just stepped on them,” said Sumaya Awad, a member of New York City’s Democratic Socialists of America.

“With every passing minute that president Biden and the Democratic party refuse to heed the calls of their voters and demand a ceasefire, more Palestinians in Gaza are being killed by Israeli airstrikes and siege. In their homes, schools, hospitals, and mosques, and by starvation, dehydration and disease,” she said.

Tonight, hundreds of peaceful anti-war activists came to the DNC to call for an end to bombs and violence in order to save Palestinian and Israeli lives. They were met with brutal assaults by the police. The Democrats need to decide: will they stand on the side of peace and justice, or will they continue to support war and genocide?” she added.

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