Monaleo planned her tour looks in advance, but then an unexpected move from an Uber driver threw off her plans! On Nov. 13, the rapper took to Instagram, calling out “Marcus” for driving off with her $1,000 wig!

“dear Marcus aka wig thief why tf would u steal a $1,000 wig the day before my tour starts. U will begin to cough in 3 days!!!! It’s okay tho — always got me covered. But wowwwwww that’s so crazyyy I was gone let it go because maybe something happened in the 5 minutes that you got the package and drove to the address but I’m actually pissed,” the artist wrote.

In mid-October, the rapper announced her short tour, “Monaleo Like Monalisa,” through Chicago, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. She kicked it off this week on Nov. 14, but leading up to it her wig had her stressed. 

“We planned these looks to the T weeks ago, and now we pivoting. Something bad always happens before the blessings roll in tho,” Monaleo wrote.’

Monaleo Says Uber Driver Returned The Wig After Call Out

It looks like Marcus had a quick change of heart. After the rapper called him out on Instagram, he returned the wig! It’s unclear if the driver saw her post or if they exchanged words once the wig was returned.

Then, despite missing her initial install appointment, stylist @realjaybeee on Instagram doubled back and got her together!

Monaleo gave fans the update on X.

“The way I was at home PISSEDDDD off tryna figure out how I was gone wear my hair to the tour tmr like omg this is too much,” she posted.

She added:

“Jokes aside I was legit so upset about him driving off with my wig. Like I planned these looks weeks in advance, Jas sent me a raw wig 2 extra bundles the look was gone eat DOWN I was so excited. Nvm the fact that I missed my hair appt. Glad he brought the wig back tho.”

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Most recently, on her Instagram feed, the rapper expressed her gratitude for selling out her Chicago tour stop. She shared some re-cap footage.

“Kicked the tour off in Chicago, and they set the TONE! Sold out. Thank yall so much for supporting me,” the rapper said. “I cried like 4 times I’m still trying to come to terms with the fact that people took time and money out of their life just to see me do something that started as a hobby. God, I thank you for these people and this opportunity.”

She also revealed that her Washington D.C. stop sold out as well!

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Monaleo’s tour comes months after the rapper announced she was expecting a baby with Stunna 4 Vegas in April. According to XXL, the pair welcomed their first child together, a son, in May.

Monaleo told POPSUGAR in July that she wasn’t worried about balancing work and motherhood.  In her words, she “get[s] sh*t done.”

“…From the moment I got pregnant, immediately I was like, ‘It’s not about me anymore.’ I have a little life to cultivate and a little human to take care of. And I want to make sure that I create the best quality of life for them because I know I didn’t get that experience growing up. I want to make sure that they don’t have the same story that I had.”

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Roomies, what would have been your first move if a driver took your package?

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