Air alerts issued for two hours as Kyiv defended itself from drone attack; Ukrainian president to meet with leaders after Nato membership rebuff

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Reuters has this report on Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s latest comments as the Nato summit continues:

The armed confrontation in Ukraine will continue until the West gives up plans to dominate and defeat Moscow, Lavrov said in an interview with an Indonesian newspaper published on Wednesday.

The goal of the “US-led collective West” is to strengthen its global hegemony, Lavrov told the Kompas newspaper. Lavrov is due to attend the East Asia Summit and Asean Regional Forum in Jakarta this week, as is US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

“Why doesn’t the armed confrontation in Ukraine come to an end? The answer is very simple: it will continue until the West gives up its plans to preserve its domination and overcome its obsessive desire to inflict on Russia a strategic defeat at the hands of its Kiev puppets,” according to a transcript of the interview published on Russia’s foreign ministry website.

“For the time being, there are no signs of change in this position.”

The G7 group of nations are expected to issue a declaration today on how they will help Kyiv defeat Russia and deter any new aggression in the coming years.

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