A viral happy birthday song bringing in numbers on TikTok has become the source of friction between two former best friends. The song is referred to as “The Happy Birthday Remix” and was reportedly created in 2008 by Eric Lloyd and Michael “Halla” Williams.

“It’s the viral happy birthday song of this generation,” Lloyd tells Justin Carter for TSR Investigates.

However, there’s just one problem. According to Carter, the former friends had “no prior legal agreement in place” ahead of the song’s success. Now, in 2023, the viral jingle is steadily bringing in the coins as Lloyd and Williams legally tussle over who should receive what and how much.

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Eric Lloyd, the man behind the melodic vocals of the tune and co-writer, spoke exclusively with Carter. Lloyd explained how a prior job led to the jingle’s creation.

“I was working at the Cheesecake Factory,” Lloyd told Carter. “I was a singer for dinner parties, and, you know, people would love it.”

According to Carter, Lloyd was part of a group called Tuffcrowd Entertainment. Additionally, the group would perform the jingle “for years” at various birthday parties.

Lloyd explained that in 2020, he and the song’s featured rapper and co-writer, Michael “Halla” Williams, recorded the jingle in the studio.

What Created The Rift Between Eric Lloyd & Michael “Halla” Williams?

Speaking with Carter exclusively, Williams explained that when the song went viral, he and Lloyd began receiving requests to release it. Then, the rapper did just that in October, releasing the song on all major streaming platforms.

“We didn’t come to an agreement at the time,” Lloyd told Carter. “But we kind of like left it there — we tabled it with my management and my team. That was that [and] so after that, next thing you know, the song is out. [He] pretty much took matters into his own hands without my permission.”

Lloyd admitted to Carter that he and Williams “fell off” after he left Tuffcrowd Entertainment in 2021.

Williams maintains that he and Tuffcrowd continued the “tradition” of promoting and performing the “The Happy Birthday Remix.” Additionally, Williams alleged that Lloyd wanted a higher percentage of profits from the song.

Williams acknowledged that he and Lloyd co-wrote the jingle together. However, he added that Lloyd “wasn’t a part of what was going on” as the song went viral.

Lloyd and Williams’ dispute has spawned diss tracks, social media statements, and an intense legal battle.

Watch as Justin Carter breaks things down and a resolution is reached on TSR Investigates.


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