Campaign aims to put onus on men to stop violence against women as figures suggest most already feel country safe place for women

A campaign aimed at making young men reflect about violence against women and domestic abuse is being launched in Wales as new figures suggest most already feel the country is a safe place for women and almost 40% believe enough has been done to fill the gender equality gap.

The “Sound” campaign, which the Labour-controlled government hopes will help tackle the crisis of toxic masculinity, is aimed at men between the ages of 18 and 34, and will try to reach them via social media, podcasts, digital television and streaming channels.

75% of men think Wales is a safe place to be a woman.

37% believe the country has gone far enough in closing the gender equality gap.

39% believe efforts to achieve women’s equality have led to discrimination against men.

43% believe traditional masculinity is under threat.

64% underestimate the prevalence of violence against women.

There was a very low understanding of terms such as love-bombing, gaslighting and coercive control.

Younger men were both more likely to agree that traditional masculinity is under threat – and to describe themselves as feminists. They also perceived scenarios involving physical abuse as less harmful and wrong compared with older age groups.

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