Social justice leader Tamika Mallory is speaking out regarding the latest developments in the Carlee Russell investigation. As The Shade Room previously reported, Russell went missing Thursday after reporting a toddler walking on the side of an interstate. Russell returned to her family Saturday. However, Alabama authorities have since shared that they have not been able to confirm her account of seeing a child.

Additionally, authorities have shared Russell’s recent google search history where she looked up information about Amber alerts and the film, ‘Taken.’

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Tamika Mallory Takes To Instagram Live To Share Her Take On The Carlee Russell Investigation

On Wednesday, Mallory took to Instagram Live to share her thoughts on the investigation details released by Alabama authorities at an earlier press conference.

The activist started by saying everyone who called for search efforts to find Russell last week, “did exactly what” they “were supposed to do.”

“And we should continue to do that because there are Black women… children… men [that are] missing…”

Mallory seemingly acknowledged that public perception of Russell’s dissappearance has now leaned toward it being a hoax. However, this instance should not deter anyone for expressing concern for any missing person.

The activist added that she feels “dissapointed” in the developments of the police’s investigation. However, she is also mindful that we have not heard details directly from Russell.

The Activist Shares Her Hope For Russell, Should Her Alleged Abduction Turn Out To Be A Hoax

Despite this fact, Mallory returned to acknowlege the current public perception of the case and added that she will pray for Russell should her alleged abduction turn out to have been a hoax.

“However, based upon what we see from the police and other reports, it seems as if she made a false [police] report and that she lied and I pray for her, I truly do…”

The activist acknowleged that there “has to be some mental health issue” at work to incite an individual to commit these perceived actions. Then shared her support for Russell’s parents who appeared to believe their daughter was indeed abducted.

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Furthermore, Mallory explained that filing “false reports” in regards to alleged abductions is extremely “harmful” and a “serious thing.”

“It’s actually harmful to the entire fight to help stop trafficking, to end trafficking, it also deals with people being abducted, but it certainly is harmful to Black women. It is very harmful to Black women because we already have the fight to get the type of attention that we deserve and that we need when we go missing.”

Mallory Also Stepped Into The Shade Room’s Comment Section With A Few More Words

After footage of Mallory’s live was captured on and shared on The Shade Room, the activist stepped into the comment section with more thoughts. She explained that mental health does “not excuse people from accountability.”

“Hey fam!… On the serious issue of mental health: mental health issues do not excuse people from accountability (in most cases). However, if all that is being said is true about Carlee’s actions, she has a very deep deep problem…
Then shared additional thoughts on Russell allegedly putting her parents through this ordeal.
“Allowing your parents to go through such a painful and deeply embarrassing situation is beyond troubling, unacceptable and simply stupid. No matter what, she needs help. But again, it doesn’t mean she should not be held accountable for the harm she has caused. I say all of this with caution and a deep love for our people.”
As you may recall, Mallory advocated for the “same equipment and technology” that was used in the search for the missing Titan submersible to be used in the search for Russell.

“…has Alabama deployed rescue dogs, human motion detectors, air search equipment. Whatever rescue procedures and personnel that can help with a search and RESCUE should be in motion now…”

At the time, Mallory’s advocacy even garnered support from Tina Lawson.

Roomies, do you agree with Tamika Mallory’s stance on the Carlee Russell investigation?

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