Former shadow attorney-general says the referendum should be about ‘hope’; Peter Dutton and NSW premier speak at Sydney gathering. Follow the day’s news live

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As the prime minister was giving his backing to Australia’s Jewish community in Melbourne, thousands gathered in Sydney to mourn the victims of an attack by Islamist group Hamas that struck Israeli towns.

Thousands gathered in Sydney’s east on Wednesday night to commemorate the deaths of civilians and show support for Israel.

I want to assure you, that kind of hateful prejudice has no place in Australia. Our country is better than that – and our country is a better place because of you and your community.

And my government is committed to keeping the community safe.

I know there are great pressures on Australians. This is not an easy time with financial pressures, stagnant wages, and wars and conflict in the world.

In such a time, the temptation is to say no more change.

This Saturday, join us in our work to get Indigenous Australians to the same starting line that other Australians are at.

That is what this referendum is about.

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