Guardian Australia tracker suggests no vote for referendum ahead in every state; Greens want to abolish 20% cap on commonwealth’s share of total public school funding. Follow the latest updates live

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Good morning and welcome to our rolling news coverage. I’m Martin Farrer and I’ve got some of our top overnight stories before Amy Remeikis picks up the slack in a short while.

Our top story this morning shows that the regulators responsible for keeping tabs on Qantas are among those C-suite bosses granted access to Australia’s invite-only Chairman’s Lounge, a luxurious and controversial perk the airline gives to influential policymakers. They include the ACCC competition boss Gina Cass-Gottlieb and Asic corporate watchdog chair Joseph Longo. The Guardian is not suggesting they have any conflict of interest but the story raises concerns about the airline’s soft power influence.

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