Ciara is opening up about her 2014 split from rapper Future and reflecting on the “pivotal moment” when she knew it was time for a change. As The Shade Room previously reported, the 37-year-old is a mother to three children and is currently expecting her fourth child with husband Russell Wilson.

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The singer appeared as a guest on a recent episode of the ‘Call Her Daddy‘ podcast, published Wednesday. About 21 minutes into the podcast, host Alex Cooper questioned Ciara about “growing” and “learning” after her past relationship with Future.

The host ultimately asked the singer when she knew “it was time to leave.”

“Oh my goodness, when you know you’re supposed to make a super-defined decision in your life, you know it from the head to your feet, from your feet to your head…” the singer explained. “You know it, and it’s almost like your taste buds change — you have a taste bud for a certain kind of thing and the taste buds just go…”

The singer continued by explaining that decisions like that also come with self-reflection.

“You gotta sometimes also look in the mirror and reflect on yourself too,” she explained. “Like, what are things that I could be doing differently in my life? Or… I’m looking for a change but what does that mean?”

Ciara explained that you have to assess “everything” when “making changes in your life that are very critical.”

“When you have a child, it’s very important to me, it’s no time to play around,” Ciara continued. “The whole experimentation part of life is now out the door — it’s like, I am now responsible for another life, so what am I doing, how am I thinking that through?”

The singer explained that “when you know,” you know, and when “you’re tired, you’re tired.”

“When you’re tired, you’re tired… and we don’t want to be tired all the time,” Ciara continued. “I want joy. I want to make sure my cup is full… Like, I always say, don’t let nobody waste your time… I don’t care if it’s relationship or friendship, business — just don’t let it waste your time. It’s just not worth it. So, t

hose are the things that come to my mind when I process when there’s a pivotal moment in any aspect of my life.”

Ciara concluded her thoughts by explaining that although leaving a “toxic” romance can be difficult, it’s important to be “a little selfish” and put your best interest first.

“There’s nothing fun about being confused all the time or someone taking you on the [run]-around,” the singer explained.

According to PEOPLE, the former couple began dating in 2012 and became engaged in 2013. However, after Ciara and Future welcomed their first child together in 2014, they split later that year.

The Singer Also Praised Russell Wilson As An “Amazing Father”

Elsewhere during the interview, Ciara reflected on her current husband, Russell Wilson. According to PEOPLE, the pair married in July 2016. Since then, Wilson has taken on an active father role with Ciara’s first son, nine-year-old Future, and their own kids, which include a six-year-old daughter named Sienna and a three-year-old son named Win.

During the conversation, the singer referred to Wilson as an “amazing father.”

“He’s an amazing father,” Ciara explained. “Watching him with all of our kids — it is one of the sweetest things. It’s one of the sexiest things, to be honest with you… Ladies, when a man jumps in and changes the diaper, and he’s pulling up to teacher-parent conferences, it’s like, ‘Ooh!’”

The singer explained that there’s “something about a man… being a man for you but… also being a man for your family.”

“There’s no better feeling than knowing that,” she continued.

Additionally, Ciara shared that Future is already asking the singer to become pregnant for a fifth time following this current pregnancy.

Ciara Recently Went Viral After Reflecting On Her & Future’s Current Co-Parenting Relationship

Most recently, Ciara took to social media to show off her growing baby bump alongside Wilson, as per The Shade Room.

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However, weeks before that, she sent the internet into a frenzy when she appeared on a recent episode of ‘Stepping Into The Shade Room‘ and hilariously reacted to a question about her and Future’s current co-parenting relationship.

Check out the full interview below!

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