Up to 20,000 people feared dead after devastating floods. Plus, Mitt Romney attacks Trump in resignation announcement

Good morning.

Rescue workers in the devastated Libyan city of Derna have appealed for more body bags after a catastrophic flood killed thousands of people and swept many out to sea.

What are the current death toll estimates? The number of dead was feared to be between 18,000 and 20,000, Ghaithi said.

Who is helping with aid efforts? Rescue teams had arrived from Egypt, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Qatar, the mayor said. The UK announced an initial $1.25m aid package.

What is happening to injured people? Derna residents have been pleading for a new field hospital as the two existing hospitals have become makeshift morgues.

How old is Romney? He is 76. That’s one year younger than Trump (77), four years younger than President Joe Biden (80) and five years younger than the Kentucky senator Mitch McConnell (81).

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