Video of Rishi Sunak announcing the axing of the HS2 Manchester leg was filmed in No 10 before he travelled to conference

Rishi Sunak has partially defended Suella Braverman’s recent anti-immigration speeches – without saying he was “happy” about her language.

In his interview with Nick Robinson from the Today programme, broadcast this morning but recorded yesterday, Sunak was asked how he squared what he said in his speech yesterday about the UK being “the most successful multiethnic democracy on earth” with what Braverman said in her recent speech in Washington about immigration posing an existential threat to the west.

Illegal migration is putting unsustainable pressure on our country. And, for me, it is non-negotiable that it should be the British people who decide who comes to our country and not criminal gangs.

I made a speech myself eight months ago about illegal migration. I pointed out the number of people who potentially could come to the UK, figures that have been mentioned by international organisations. That’s clearly unsustainable, which is why we’re taking action to stop the boats.

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