In today’s newsletter: Will a court case over wild camping on Dartmoor spark bigger campaigns to open up more private green space?

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Good morning. Camping – especially wild camping, outside a designated site – is a fairly Marmite activity. For some, it is an adventure that connects them with the natural world. For others, it is a laborious, uncomfortable, unsanitary pursuit. Regardless of individual sensibilities, however, most people support the right of others to roam and wild camp.

However, this is not quite reflected in the current legislation. Only 8% of England is covered by the “right to roam”, an ancient custom that allows anyone to wander in open countryside, no matter who owns it. For centuries there has been a growing conflict between those who are in favour of it, and those who would like to restrict access to private land.

Politics | MPs have been paid £10m from second jobs and freelance work over the past year, a Guardian analysis has found. The analysis looked at all MPs who made more than £1,000 in the past year, with the final tally largely driven by the size of Boris Johnson’s earnings as well as former Tory ministers taking up a slew of highly paid roles

Police | The only events for which Metropolitan police chiefs authorised the potential use of baton rounds in the past six years were black-led gatherings, documents show. The weapons, intended to be a less lethal alternative to regular firearms, have been cleared for use at Notting Hill carnival since 2017 and the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020.

Niger | The west African country closed its airspace on Sunday until further notice, citing the threat of military intervention from a regional bloc after coup leaders rejected a deadline to reinstate the country’s ousted president.

Film | Barbie has broken the US$1bn mark since its debut more than two weeks ago. Barbie is now the biggest movie to be directed by one woman, supplanting Wonder Woman’s $821.8m global total, and Greta Gerwig is the first woman to reach the US$1bn as a solo female director.

Sinéad O’Connor | A fleeting installation honouring Sinéad O’Connor has been unveiled on a hillside overlooking the Irish seaside town of Bray, where she is to be buried on Tuesday. A message in 30ft-tall letters spelling out “ÉIRE ♡ SINÉAD” appeared on Sunday.

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