Shadow chancellor says an incoming Labour government could not afford to axe benefit cap because of ‘dire economic inheritance’

Nigel Farage, the former leader of Ukip and the Brexit party, is encouraging people to read the full set of documents about him he obtained from Coutts using a subject access request. (See 10.22am.) They have been published by MailOnline.

Farage told PA Media:

It is a document that is full of every negative thing that has ever been said about me, it is prejudicial in a way that only the metropolitan elite can do.

I think that the march of woke corporatism needs to be checked and if it is not then we will finish up with a Chinese-style social credit system.

Only those with acceptable views will be able to participate fully in society. I am effectively de-banked. How do I pay my gas bill? What have I done wrong? I haven’t broken the law. I happen to have an opinion on issues that is more popular outside the M25 than it is in inner London postcodes.

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