Latest news: Spain poised for shift to right in snap general election

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The far-right party Vox is not expected to come in first or second place in this election. Polls suggest it is even poised to lose some of the 52 seats it currently holds in Spain’s parliament.

Even so, the party – which has long railed against feminism, LGBT+ rights and Muslim immigration – has dominated the conversation during this election.

For all of us it is crucial that on 23 July a conservative patriotic alternative is established, in which Vox plays a leading and decisive role in the formation of the new national government,” she added.

Much has been made of his calm, understated demeanour – especially in contrast to the slick, telegenic and sometimes unpredictable charms of Sánchez,” writes Sam.

He adds: “Despite his low-key image, Feijóo has not always managed to avoid scandal.The publication 10 years ago of photographs showing him on holiday in the mid-1990s with a friend who was later convicted of drug trafficking led to calls for him to step down as Galicia’s president.

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