Nick Cannon recently surprised one of the mothers of his children, Abby De La Rosa, with a romantic gesture that left the mother of three in tears.

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As The Shade Room previously reported, Cannon and Rosa co-host Cannon’s daily radio show, ‘The Daily Canon.’ Earlier this week, the show’s official Instagram account shared a photo of De La Rosa sitting on set alongside a plethora of roses.

The post also featured a brief caption.

“Yeah ya Baby Daddy ain’t doin’ it like this! @nickcannon @hiabbydelarosa #TheDailyCannon

On Friday, the show’s official Instagram account then shared a behind-the-scenes video of how the roses made their way on set. The video confirmed that they were indeed a gift from Canon to Rosa.

The video began with a brief caption.

“Just another day at The Daily Canon.”

Then, the video cuts to Canon explaining that he and a fellow co-host, Mason, are waiting for Rosa to arrive. A few seconds later, the camera cuts to Rosa entering the studio and her mouth immediately drops.


She shouts to Cannon.

“What?” he responds.

The camera then pans across the studio, and viewers can see that the floor is filled with red bundled roses.

“What the heck!” Rosa exclaims. “You’re joking right now.”

A fellow co-host then adds, “There are red roses everywhere in this studio.”

Rosa then approaches Cannon and the two share a quick kiss.

“I’m really emotional right now…” Rosa says through tears. “Coming here to roses is insane, and I’m just so grateful.”

The group then continues to share their amusement at the room of roses as their fourth and final co-host makes her entrance. Check out the clip below!

Prior to the full video’s release, Rosa took to Instagram to share another look at her surprise with fans. Additionally, she captioned the video with a brief thank you to Cannon, adding that the surprise was “magical.”

The ‘Just Because”’hits different. Thank you @nickcannon today was magical

Rosa Previously Shared Her “Jealously” Regarding Cannon’s Other Children’s Mothers

In April, Rosa and Cannon made headlines when Rosa transparently explained her jealousy of Cannon’s other children’s mothers, as The Shade Room previously reported. Outside of his three children with Rosa, Cannon is also the father of nine other children with five other women.

Messy messy Not Nick Cannon family tree pic.twitter.com/OMsm8PFjDR

— mis gracie (@GracieAmorie) December 18, 2022

At the time, Rosa explained that she’s “got love for all the women.” However, she can be a “little jealous” about seeing Cannon interact with them.

“Like, I’m a little jealous, but at the same time, it’s just kinda like, you know, this is my baby daddy.”

Roomies, what do you think of Nick Cannon’s surprise for Abby De La Rosa?

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