Quavo may have just gone public with his rumored boo, gymnast Erica Fontaine. The pair were recently spotted at Usher’s residency concert in Vegas.

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In a video that has now circulated on social media, Quavo can be seen sitting next to Erica Fontaine as they both vibe out at Usher’s Las Vegas concert. In the clip, Quavo is seen sporting a red and white ensemble with black sunglasses. At the same time, Fontaine is seen rocking a cut-out black dress, showing off her midriff and her black, curly locks.

As the audio plays, Usher can be heard speaking directly to Quavo, asking if he “doesn’t mind” if he serenades his “lady.”

“Now Quavo, I hope you don’t mind if I — I just serenade your lady real quick…”

Quavo responds by looking up toward Usher, lifting his cup, and mouthing something inaudible, letting the singer know he approves.

Usher proceeds by saying that he’s “just getting it right.” Then begins singing the chorus of his 2010 hit single  “There Goes My Baby.”

Fontaine then appears to sway to Usher’s serenade, whispering something in Quavo’s ear. Before the clip ends, Usher even extends the microphone to Fontaine to share her vocals with the crowd — which she complies with.

Quavo and Fontaine have reportedly been rumored to be dating. However, neither has publicly confirmed or denied the public’s speculation.

Who Is Erica Fontaine?

According to MARCA, Erica Fontaine is a 24-year-old gymnast and model who has amassed over 600,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Additionally, Fontaine is an alum of West Virginia University gymnastics who always dreamed of becoming famous.

“I always grew up wanting to be famous,” Fontaine told 247Sports in 2020. “My friends in high school were always saying, ‘I can’t wait to go to college. I’m going to be a doctor,’ or, ‘I’m going to be a sportscaster.’ Then I’d be like, ‘I’m going to be famous.’”

According to 247Sports, Fontaine recalled going viral for the first time during the interview.

“I don’t know the date, but it was my sophomore year after our fall classic meet. I took a picture with my best friend and eventually ended up posting that a while alter, and overnight it went viral. We went from, like, 2,000 followers to 25,000 overnight. I pretty much took that opportunity to talk to my parents about this. ‘I want to do Instagram.’ Once that happened, I knew I needed to run with it, because it was something I had to keep growing from there.”

Outside of her dreams of fame, Fontaine reportedly excelled in academics and gymnastics. In college, she earned “all-Big 12 honors” and competed in 37 meets. While in high school, she was an honor roll student, a “three-time Junior Olympics National Championships qualifier,” and a “Level 10 gymnast.”

Although Fontaine had to put her social media dreams on the back burner while pursuing academics and a gymnast career, she’s ultimately found her way back into the spotlight. Outside of Instagram, she’s reportedly active on OnlyFans and is also gearing up to launch her fitness brand, Fontaine Fit.

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